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What are types of pimples?

What are types of pimples?

Skin pimples (often used as synonymous with the term acne) are red, inflamed raised skin lesions that contain a small amount of pus. If you ask What are types of pimples? read this article to find the answer.

What are types of pimples?

A pimple starts when a pore (an opening in the skin) gets plugged up. The pore has a tiny hair in it and oil glands at its base. The cells which line the pores are so small that they can only be seen with a microscope. During adolescence these cells are shed quickly. In some people the cells and oil stick together and form sebum which plugs the pore.

1-Non Inflammatory

  • White Heads
    The whiteheads are the beginning of a skin pimple. It is closed plugged oil glands. It forms when the sebum escapes from the pore wall and gets under the skin.

  • Black Heads
    The blackheads are open plugged oil glands .The oil turns black when it's exposed the air ,so its black color not because of dirt like many people believe.


  • Papules
    These are small, solid, rounded bumps that rise from the skin. The bumps are often red.

  • Nodules
    These are similar in structure to papules, but larger and embedded deep in the skin. They can be painful.

  • Pustules
    These are skin pimples full of pus. The pus can become yellow with infection. They are clearly visible on the surface of the skin.

  • Cysts
    A cyst is a deep and uncomfortable swelling of the skin. In severe cases of acne, cysts (large fluid-filled bumps) may develop under the skin. It commonly cause scars.

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